Guide to our film cameras

How to use the film camera 



How to rewind the film camera



1. These cameras use film, which cannot be exposed to light hence when taking the film out of the camera, they must be fully rewound inside the camera before opening the back of it.

2. The button on the bottom of the camera is to unlock the mechanism to rewind the camera when the film roll is done, be careful that the button is not accidentally pressed when placing the camera into the case or by misalignment in its case. This will cause the film to not lock after every shot and continuously roll.

3. The waterproof casing is only needed when going into or around water, the camera should be used without the waterproof case when it is out of the water. 

4. The waterproof Shutter Up Film cameras do not come with flash hence they should be used only in brightly lit places and daylight.


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